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You know your business has great potential, yet it’s not growing as fast as it should. Everyone knows about Apple, Google, and Pepsi. But no one seems to know about you. You’re left in the dark. Stranded in this big world of huge corporations.  No place to run to, only to hide. But you’ve had enough. It’s time to bring light to the shadows and let everyone know your story.  Engage your potential audience, your potential customers,  your world. All with a story so specific, it could not be told by anyone else but you.

“A picture paints a thousand words. A video paints a thousand words every frame. But a story speaks all it’s words to the heart”.

All of the Cinemax Videos directors are well rounded and can shoot all types of video/photography on request. Our vision is to create your vision through the medium of film and photo.

In your vision, we write, direct and edit your project, with you there every step of the way.

In this current competitive age of videos, the only way to make your brand, business or service stand out is by speaking to someone’s heart. Cinemax videos exist to craft your vision into a unique story. Regardless of whether your motive is purely business or if you are just trying to build an audience, we are here to tell your story for you. At Cinemax Videos, we make movies for your business. A movie is a crucial step for people to buy into your idea, passion or service. Give your audience the cinematic video they crave and connect their heart to your vision.